Golf Tournaments

Experience the thrill of our meticulously organized golf tournaments. We provide top-notch facilities, professional staff, and a seamless tournament experience that will leave golf enthusiasts impressed. Join us for a day of friendly competition and networking opportunities.

Corporate Golf Events

Elevate your corporate meetings to new heights by incorporating golf into your business gatherings. Our unique blend of golf and business creates an ideal environment for networking, team-building, and fostering meaningful connections. We offer comprehensive event planning solutions for golf corporate meetings, ensuring that your objectives are met while providing an enjoyable and productive experience for all participants.


Celebrate your special day in style with our exceptional wedding planning services. From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, we bring your vision to life. Our team handles logistics, including venue selection, catering, decor, and entertainment, ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience for all. Discover the perfect golf venue, surrounded by lush fairways and picturesque landscapes, creating a romantic ambiance. Let us create an unforgettable wedding, tailored to your unique style. Contact us to plan your dream wedding – let us help you create a wedding that combines elegance, natural beauty, and the joy of golf.

Weekend Golf Packages

Immerse yourself in our exclusive packages for relaxation, entertainment, and golf, all set amidst the breathtaking beauty of Slovenia. Unwind in scenic destinations like Bled or Ljubljana. Enjoy invigorating spa treatments, savor gourmet cuisine, and partake in thrilling activities. Tailored to your preferences, our unforgettable getaways combine the joy of golf with the charm of Slovenia. Contact us to experience a weekend of golf and bliss in the heart of Slovenia.